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With so many exciting décor options in 2022, which one should you choose? Transitional dining rooms have some traditional elements. However, there is a more contemporary look overall. Enjoy both the classic dining room feel, whether you have mid-century modern furniture, Nordic inspired minimalism, or a hankering for Maximalist flair. What are the most essential elements of your transitional dining room?  

The Dining Room Table 

Of course, the centerpiece of your dining room will be the dining room table. Go with a conversational piece or something more basic. Some questions to ask yourself:  

  1. What size table do I need?  
  1. What style works best with my home décor (ex. Mid-century modern furniture)  
  1. What shape do I want? (Oval, round, rectangular, etc.) 
  1. What materials work best?  
  1. Do I want a dining room table that expands when I entertain?  

The dining room table should be the biggest furniture expense. You want durable material that will last for a decade. For families with children, finding something that will be sustainable even during the more formative years may be needed.  

Eclectic Chairs 

Have fun choosing the chairs. This is where you can truly showcase your individual tastes! Find a set of chairs that match your contemporary décor or mix and match different styles and materials. Make it fun for everyone.  

When choosing the right chairs be sure to measure carefully. Chairs shouldn’t be too tall or too short. And while you might want to try several types of chairs in a single dining room, be sure that there is some uniformity in functional use. Unify them through materials, style, or color. Add a little flair and fun to your dining experience.  

An Ever-Changing Space

The true beauty of a transitional dining room is that it evolves with your lifestyle. Feel bolder? Add in some colorful accents, centerpieces with bright floral arrangements or artisan pottery. Change out the colors of the chairs or try custom lighting options perfect to change the ambiance of any space.  

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