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When you look for a brand new contemporary bedroom set, what do you need? While styles and designs have changed considerably throughout the years, the standard bedroom set has not. Know what master bedroom furniture you need to make the most of your living space. 

The Contemporary Master Bed 

Choose the right bed for your master bedroom. Consider that your bed should last for many years. Always opt for high-quality materials and a durable handcrafted frame. Your bed frame should hold significant weight. Consider if you might need a larger bed than you anticipated. For example, many young professionals opt for smaller twin or full-sized master bedroom furniture. However, if their family expands, they may need to accommodate a partner and purchase a bigger bed. If you need specialty mattresses, speak with your design professional about which size works best for your needs.

Luxury Dresser

Contemporary dressers come in a variety of sleek gorgeous styles. Black geometric furniture remains popular this year. Make a bold statement with gorgeous minimalist dressers. High-quality dressers will have smooth drawer mechanisms and are made of strong materials. Some dressers come equipped with a mirror, bookshelves, or television stand. Choose a dresser that not only fits your clothes but provides you with luxury and convenience. 

Modern Chest Trunk

A luxurious chest provides a perfect hiding place for your collection of winter blankets. Enjoy the extra storage that a chest brings. Multipurpose trunks can double as a sitting space, table, or footrest. Choose from sleek modern designs that complement your home decor. 

Sleek Nightstand

Your nightstand needs to provide you with enough space for a lamp, electronics, books, and anything you need to keep by your bed like glasses or medication. Like dressers, select from hi-gloss, wood, or synthetic materials. Consider the height, style, and colour of your nightstand. In most cases, it makes sense to purchase two nightstands, one for each side of the bed. 

Other Contemporary Master Bedroom Pieces

Besides traditional pieces like the headboard and nightstand, many contemporary master bedroom sets include pieces like an armoire, lamp, bench, mirror, or second nightstand. Some homeowners add an entertainment center or small office area to their bedroom space. Whether you want to include these extra items in your bedroom depends on your lifestyle, the size of the room, and your budget. You can add these pieces over time, or purchase them with your new bedroom set. Ask your designer what you need to best fit your lifestyle, budget, and space. 

Luxury Contemporary Furniture at Iconic Living

Find today’s best contemporary furniture at Iconic Living. Let our talented designers work with you to discover the perfect bedroom set for your home. We have an exclusive collection of high-end modern furniture. No matter your budget or lifestyle, our seasoned team will help you find the furniture that will transform your bedroom into a relaxing oasis. We proudly have the best customer service in the area. Contact us today.