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What’s hot now in contemporary home design? Want to transform your casual family room into an incredible modern space? We asked top designers what is trending now in living room decor. Reimagine your home with these incredible exciting ideas. Find your inspiration and discover new aesthetic beauty and comfort.  

Rose Palettes 

In 2022 Minimalism finally kicked the bucket. Instead, homeowners embraced gentle shades of pastels like rose and carnation pink. The subtle tones bring a comfortable, warm feel to your casual family room. Create the look by combining neutral tones with tasteful touches of pinks. Add in a few key accent pieces. Incorporate floor-to-ceiling wall art. Complete the look with a few strategically placed houseplants. Keep the look simple and clean, and let the colors bring out a touch of joy in your home.  

Multifunctional Spaces 

During the pandemic, many of us found ourselves at home for unusually long periods of time. Families found that they had to work, study, and play in the same small spaces. This transformed how we think about our homes. Instead of a place to rest at the end of the day, the living room became our primary meeting space. Multifunctional spaces that served several functions helped us transition to a new way of living. For example, setting up a corner for a home office or school area or adding additional storage spaces helped make the most of the living room.  

If you want to discover how to best rethink your family room design to better serve your lifestyle, contact our design team at Iconic Living. We will help guide you through a wide collection of design options that fit your needs. Our seasoned design teams understand that you need a living room that brings you comfort but also has high functionality. And we have the expertise needed so you can create the living room that’s perfect for work or play.  

Bring the Outside World into Your Home 

As you can tell, many of the top trends for this year are direct results of the pandemic. And another trend that is here to stay: bringing nature into the home. Why? Homeowners unable to travel wanted to experience the world from the comfort of their homes. This could be as simple as embracing natural materials and adding more live foliage to their living space to an entire remodel in eclectic global styles. Finding ways to bring adventure into our lives through our décor brings interest into the home.  

Gorgeous Dramatic Color 

We already mentioned rose palettes gaining popularity. If soft pastels aren’t your preference, try embracing bold colors. Mix and match patterns and colors for a contemporary Maximalist look. Combine jewel tones or bright warm colors. Find unique accent pieces that scream boldness and drama!  

When you want to reinvent your living room, contact the experts at Iconic Living. Our friendly staff will be happy to sit down with you and discuss what you need to create the home you always wanted. Find out the Iconic Living difference. Call us today.