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  1. After two years of pandemic stress, you deserve the home of your dreams. Not all of us can afford to spend a bank account’s worth on remodeling. So what are some interior design secrets to help you achieve the ideal luxury living room look affordably? We asked out talented design team to provide a few secrets that will help you transform your space.  

Brighten Up Your Room 

Believe it or not, brightening up a living room gives the illusion of more space and serene luxury. What are some interior design tricks to help brighten a room? 

  • Invest in lighting fixtures customized for your space 
  • Brighten up any dark nooks and crannies with artistic lamps and modern lights 
  • Use a creamy neutral white paint to cover dark surfaces 
  • Invest in bright area lush area rugs 
  • Accessorize with white pillows, paintings in creamy white, or mirrors 

If you aren’t sure how to best brighten up your living room for that must-have luxurious look, take the time to speak to our seasoned design team. We would be happy to help you find the perfect furniture and accessories for your home.  

Splurge on a Few Items 

Yes, we said this was reinventing your living room on a budget. However, most homeowners can afford to splurge on one or two items. Maybe you find the perfect painting or loveseat for your home. There are a variety of items like contemporary lamps, gorgeous coffee tables, and custom book shelving that can change the room and add a touch of elegance and beauty. 

Embrace Nature 

In 2022 we have embraced nature. Stuck in our homes for inordinate amounts of time, often through dreary winter months, bringing the outside inside is a great way to bring luxury to your house or apartment. What are some tricks? 

  • Choose furniture and accessories with natural woods and finishes 
  • Find artwork of natural scenes like the ocean or a forest 
  • Paint the room light pastels reminiscent of springtime 
  • Try to incorporate natural light into your home with sheer curtains and big windows 
  • Mirrors can emphasize space and enhance natural lighting 
  • Add foliage and accents from nature or with a global style 

These design ideas will help your space evolve into a luxurious oasis. Contact the talented team at Iconic Living today. Set up your initial consultation. Ask about our unique custom pieces and long-lasting durable furniture collection. We are ready to help you live a life of elegant luxury.