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With the events of the last couple of years forcing many of us into our homes for lengthy periods of time, many homeowners realized that their homes needed to be more. Combining our needs in this new era with old notions of the home has been a challenge. We needed more than simply adding a loveseat sofa here or a set of curtains there. We needed to truly transform our homes as our lives rapidly adapted to a changing world. The family room changed the most. So what trends will stay? 

The Home Oasis 

One of the biggest changes to the living area has been converting it into a comfortable oasis from the stresses of the outside world. In the past, we might have just sat in front of a flatscreen at the end of a long day of life and work. Now we might find ourselves for hours in the same four walls. What are some ways to brighten up your home? Embracing nature and calm continue to be a top trend in this new year. 

  1. Add foliage throughout your living area to bring bright greens and vibrancy to your home 
  1. Opt for a cushy loveseat sofa, bean bag or ergonomic chair to maximize comfort 
  1. Adorn walls with unique artistic tapestries or paintings  
  1. Make the most of natural light  
  1. Find quirky pieces in natural materials to accent the living space 
  1. Cover a worn floor with plush carpet to truly baby your tired feet 
  1. Colors to choose can range from calming light greens and sky blues to splashes of pastels for beauty 

Don’t forget about all your senses. Add scented candles, aromatherapy, or a smart speaker system that plays soothing sounds. Make this living room space truly your dream space where you can relax and feel calm.  

Multifunctionality is Here to Stay 

Another permanent change involves the multipurpose living room. Your living room may also serve as a home office, entertainment center, play area, and schoolroom for your children. Because of this families have had to become creative in making their homes truly adapt to their new situation.  

For the home office, designate a corner of the room with an area rug. Depending on your computer setup, purchase sturdy ergonomic office furniture that fits perfectly in your space. You may need to invest in hidden storage spaces or organizational bookcases that help keep important papers and work-related items away from little hands. If possible, have your seat facing out to a window so you can relax your eyes and rest during work.  

  1. Think ergonomic furniture to protect your health and back 
  1. Opt for functional and sleek over bulky traditional desks 
  1. Invest in custom lighting for a better workspace 
  1. Storage will help keep clutter out of sight 

Maybe your children or grandchildren now stay at home more than go to school. And with all the changes happening, having a safe space for them to play and study is key. Purchase storage bins and furniture in bright colors to designate storage for toys and schoolbooks. If possible, convert a coffee table into a study table or call the Iconic Living team to discuss options that work best for both school and play. Add cushy carpet, fun paintings, and a charge station for everyone’s electronics.  

  1. Bold colors can transform a living space into a fun family room 
  1. Look at the options for lighting to maximize every corner of the room 
  1. Storage will be key to hiding toys, art supplies, and books 
  1. If they are old enough, involve your children in some of the design decisions 

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